SIP panels

SIP (structured insulated panel) – is a structural insulating panel, traditionally consisting of two OSB boards and expanded polystyrene pasted between them.

SIPCON panels are used for floor, walls, ceiling and roofs in residential and commercial buildings.

Measurements of panels manufactured at the factory are as follows: 1250 mm in width and 2500, 2800 or 3000 mm in height. Besides, panels can be cut according to various measurements.

SIPCON panel set is prepared at the factory within 2-3 days, one panel weights 50-60kg.

It is an ecological and energy-saving product, the best solution when building a passive house.

Our main panels
SIPCON panel thickness

SIPCON panel thermal resistance R [m²K/W]SIPCON panel thermal resistance U [W/m²K]
3248,927 0,112
42411,784 0,085

Advantages of SIP panels

  • Up to 25% cheaper than traditional construction house.
  • Expanded polystyrene is a thermal-insulating material, therefore, additional heat insulation is not necessary.
  • Has very high energy-saving characteristics.
  • Is 15 times more hermetic comparing to a frame house.
  • SIP panels are stable, do not change their form, do not sag and do not absorb humidity.
  • Easy assembling, therefore, a house can be assembled within a few days.
  • No construction waste.
  • Electric installation is performed 20-30% quicker.
  • Due to solid construction of the building, no fissures appear on surfaces.


OSB/3 board contains about 90% of wood. We use formaldehyde free boards only. This product is distinguished by exclusive load-bearing properties, high flexural strength and board solidity. The board is easy to cut, drill, hammer in nails, grind and polish.


Expanded polystyrene – EPS  is manufactured from natural material that is found in nature and human body.


Magnesium oxide (MgO) board is a new-generation building material which is fireproof (flammability class A), resistant to moisture, mold, insect impact and has very high sound insulation properties. Besides, the board is easy to assemble and does not break when fastened.


Neopor (grey) is a type of expanded polystyrene (EPS) that contains graphite. Compared to EPS, it is because of this component thermal resistance increases up to 20%. Therefore, the thickness of thermal insulating layer can be reduced up to 20% as well.

Usage of neopor completely corresponds to usage of white expanded polystyrene.