Who we are?

Company Sipcon.house was founded in 2015 with the aim of offering SIP panels and panel house building services in line with the highest quality standards for the Lithuanian market and beyond, and as soon as the company was founded, brand new semi-automated manufacturing line for SIP panels was purchased. Now Sipcon.house is one of the most advanced SIP panel manufacturers and the most reliable panel house builders in the Baltic States.


To provide the customer with the highest quality SIP panels, construction and design services quickly, professionally and at the best price.


Professionalism, quality and responsibility. In keeping with these values, we aim to offer our customers the very best solutions that meet their individual needs.


Become the largest, customer and partner recognized professional SIP home designer, manufacturer and builder in Western and Northern Europe.

Our business areas

Production of Sip panels and precut sip house kits:

in the production process we use only high-quality, certified materials.
we build a modern, energy efficient, economical homes from SIP panels according to your project;

House building:

we are able yo offer construction works – from foundation to interior decoration;
we also build passive homes.

Architectural design:

we can offer SIP house design service, for which another SIPCON group company is responsible

Our clients

  • People who want to build a SIP house according to an individual project
  • Companies that are planning to build commercial or agricultural buildings
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Architects

Stongest in Lithuania


Quality is ensured by an internal quality control system: this system covers every stage of the production process, from the receipt of raw materials to the sale of the product. Its purpose is to ensure that all manufactured products comply with the standards and requirements.

Representation in the Netherlands: 2017 we have signed a cooperation agreement with Vederlicht House, which has been granted the right to use the SIPCON.HOUSE brand in the Netherlands.

Learn from the best: We are consulting with Al Cobb, the sole founder of the SIP School of SIP panel builders and manufacturers, the former president and board member of the global SIPA Association, with more than 20 years of experience in SIP projects.

We earned international trust: 2016 We have established links with AFM Corporation, which owns the global R-Control network, which includes more than 50 SIP panel manufacturers worldwide. All Europe customers applying for R-Control are required to contact us.

We care about employee qualifications: Our company’s employees take part in global seminars and trainings, where they learn about the latest opportunities and trends in SIP panel manufacturing and homebuilding.

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