Sipcon.House - Dressing Room


Price: 9,100 EUR

The price of the set of panels: 9,100EUR.

The price of the project with full finish: 36,000EUR.

The price includes:

1. Installation of building foundation.
2. A set of SIP panels and assembling.
3. External finish (facade paint is used)

4. Interior finish:
a) showers, toilets (floor is made from stone tiles, walls – from ceramic tiles),
b) dressing rooms,
c) coach room,
d) corridor,
e) plumbing (materials, work),
f) electrical installation (materials, work)

5. Doors, windows,
6. Arbor.

Except from showers and toilets, walls are covered with two layers (primer and paint). PVC floor with accessories.

Water is heated by instantaneous water heater (2 units).

Building area used: 74 sq. m.

Thickness of SIP panels: 124 mm